English education with a global reach
English education with a global reach
11+,13+, SSAT and GCSE preparation
11+,13+,SSAT and GCSE preparation
My pupils have gained places at top UK schools.
My pupils have gained places at top UK schools.
My pupils have gained places at top UK schools.
I am a specialist English teacher who educates children in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the UK using the medium of Skype.
Dr Louise Rawstorne
I am a specialist English teacher who educates children in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the UK using the medium of Skype.
Dr Louise Rawstorne

Enthusiastic, rigorous teaching can maximise your child’s potential, boost their confidence and instil a genuine love for the subject. At UK English Tutors, I aim to minimise exam stress through effective preparation. I can help your child improve their comprehension, creative writing and interview skills. By creating a positive learning environment and nurturing the key trait of perseverance, I support my pupils in their pursuit of excellence.

Many of my students have clear goals, such as gaining a top UK secondary school place from abroad, or achieving the best possible IGCSE/GCSE grade. Some of my pupils simply wish to benefit from the kind of individual attention that isn’t always on offer in the classroom environment.

My pupils have recently secured a place at the following UK schools:

Bradford Grammar

City of London Freemens 

Ipswich School

King Edward's, Bath

Kingston Grammar School

Lady Eleanor Holles

Reigate Grammar School

Royal High School, Bath

St Leonards, St Andrews

And in HK:

Renaissance College (HK)


I use my considerable experience as an English teacher (and parent) to provide individual Skype lessons, incorporating Google Doc presentations and quizzes (such as Kahoot). Each lesson is designed to address your child’s specific needs, build their knowledge and develop their skills, enabling them to be calm and confident when they enter the exam hall.

In addition to English teaching, I also train children how to conduct themselves at interview and prepare them for verbal reasoning tests.


UK English Tutors

I have a PhD (from The Institute of Education, UCL), an MA (Hons) in English Literature and I qualified as a secondary school teacher in 1998 (PGCE with Distinction). I’ve held various English teaching and management roles and spent much of my teaching career in three London independent schools, including 9 years at a leading boys’ school, Hampton School.

I have considerable experience of setting and marking school entrance examinations and have been a GCSE examiner (OCR).

I’ve also been an expat mum (in Sydney) and my own children’s experience of applying to UK schools from abroad has informed my teaching.

I now live in the beautiful Cotswolds and still work part-time in local schools. I am therefore regularly DBS checked and up to date with the English curriculum.

I use the medium of Skype to connect with my private pupils, through which I share lesson presentations, quizzes and conversation. This means that wherever you are in the world – and many of my students travel widely – I can maintain regular contact with you.

If I am unable to teach your child personally, I may be able to recommend an alternative tutor. I only recommend fully qualified and DBS checked teachers that I’ve worked with, or teachers who have taught my own children.


UK English Tutors

We found Louise to be an outstanding teacher: organized, encouraging and knowledgeable. In particular, Louise has a lot of experience in marking English entrance papers so I felt happy that she would prepare my daughter well.   My daughter looked forward to her lessons, was keen to do homework and was able to navigate the online platform with ease.  As we travel a lot in the school holidays, Skype lessons worked perfectly for us: we just packed the computer in her hand luggage. In fact, we added lessons per week when school was out.  As a result, my daughter has been very successful in her recent exams being offered a grammar school place, an academic scholarship opportunity and a place at a top 5 UK school. We are simply delighted. Melissa (parent, Hong Kong)

I am totally converted to skype as a medium to teach.  It meant we weren’t limited to finding a local tutor from the immediate over-subscribed area and were able to use Louise who is exceptional. The skype set up was so convenient as during the holidays Josh could carry on with lessons from wherever the family were located.  My son was obviously very comfortable with the Skype interactions with Louise. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised and suspect he found it less awkward than a tutor coming to the house.

I researched a residential crammer week in central London and had a lucky escape by being recommended Louise.  Far more efficient and focussed use of our son’s time when he had 10 other GCSE subjects to revise for.

We couldn’t have been happier – Josh never complained about going to his lessons and completed papers between lessons for Louise to mark and review as part of the lesson.  Given English is so hard to revise for on your own, her support and lesson structure was fabulous. We were very lucky to find such an exceptional teacher who knows the high standard required by the English examining boards. Ruth (parent, London)

I am delighted to provide a testimonial of support for Dr Louise Rawstorne.  I worked with her at Radnor House School in Twickenham, where I found her to be a consummate professional.  Her lessons were always well planned and well delivered, with exactly the right mix of stretch, challenge and support.  Louise is intelligent, articulate and genuinely passionate about her subject.  She is a thoughtful and reflective practitioner who consistently seeks the best outcomes for her pupils.  If my own daughter ever needs additional tutoring, I would be delighted if Louise were able to do it, and I can recommend her to you without a moment’s hesitation. Darryl Wideman, Head of Radnor House School, Twickenham

I am so happy with how Louise teaches my son. Her subject knowledge is incredible and she ensures that the Skype sessions are always fun, engaging and interactive. I am amazed by how much Harry looks forward to each lesson and he participates very well. The encouragement and support Louise gives, has boosted Harry’s confidence in writing and reading comprehension immensely.  We were extremely lucky to have Louise recommended to us as she is a perfect fit for my son. Janice (parent, Hong Kong)

Dr Rawstorne is a dedicated and highly talented tutor. She has an enviable academic background and extensive experience teaching English to the full age range of pupils. One of her many strengths lies in the relationships she builds with her individual students. She fosters an ethos of mutual respect and encourages a quiet determination in those she works with. I have witnessed many a student blossom under her expert care as she takes time get to know her charges, resulting in academic success on their part. Her approach also embeds a long-term appreciation for the subject in those she works with; her passion and interest encourages an engagement in her students which goes beyond that required for exam success. I would highly and unreservedly recommend Dr Rawstorne as an exceptional English tutor. Rosie Allen, Governor, Radnor House School

I really like Louise’s lessons because we have fun together. I love it especially when we do Kahoot quizzes and role-plays. We also read in turns. Louise plans her lessons really well and she has helped me improve so much in my writing. We also use Skype which is very useful and convenient because you can share the screen and that means you can see her Chrome browser and Google Slides. Harry (aged 10)

Having Louise teach me has benefited me in many ways. My English has improved so that I can cope well in the classroom and she has encouraged me to polish my work and make it the best it can be. She has made me enthusiastic about the subject and have the confidence to apply to be a student journalist. Louise’s lessons are always intriguing and I know that I will go away learning something that I didn’t know before. I love having lessons online at home, because it can be time consuming travelling around Hong Kong after school and I have a busy schedule.  Kirsten (aged 12)

Louise is consummate professional and extremely personable individual. She is fiercely intelligent with a broad and detailed subject knowledge, which she passionately shared with her students. Lessons were meticulously planned and effectively resourced, with boys’ learning styles and individual needs being carefully considered.

Louise had an excellent rapport with students of all ages who valued her expertise, creativity and care for their academic and personal wellbeing. She had high expectations of her pupils but combined these with a sense of humour and perspective. Catherine, Head of English

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